Water Permeable Brick, the Brick which can Breathe and Absorb Water

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Water Permeable Brick, the Brick which can Breathe and Absorb Water

  The raining recently causes a series of problems, such as the urban water accumulation appears again, then how should we slove this problem?

  The water permeable brick can help.The surface of the water permeable is rough, just like some mini holes around the brick. Even the brick does not look very pretty, the water and air can come through it freely and the brick can be very light. So in many cities, most of the pavements and the roads use the water permeable brick as their main material, also it can relieve the pressure of the urban drainage engineering.

  At the same time, the roads which use the water permeable brick as their main material can make the air come through its surface, so that summer can be cooler, winter can be warmer and in the rains the water can come through the surface of the roads, in winter the roads can be ice-free.


  Also they can attract the dirt in the air and reduce the dust pollution, thus to improve our living environment.

  As we have found so many advantages of the water permeable brick, it becomes the hottest investing business. Our ZhongJingTai brand of water permeable brick will be your first choice for road buidling. We have the solid self-development power,so we realize the research of the water permeable brick in the
shortest time successfully. And we have many customers in the whole world.


  Now the sales of water permeable brick are up rapidly, we are sincerely expecting more customers to choose ZhongJingTai Ceramic Brick.